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START THREAD: Provide Us With The Gif That Describes Very First Queer Intercourse Experience | Autostraddle

This week a whole new craze has had the online world by violent storm! I will be, needless to say, talking about that bond on Reddit in which folks
sum-up their basic intimate knowledge using gifs

It’s yielded listed here results:

And a whole lot more.

Now we can easily merely team select this because it is funny—I have a practice of
team choosing things that make myself spit-take
. But i believe we can carry out one better. Really my opinion your ordinary Autostraddle viewer is both funnier and gayer versus normal Redditor. Thus I think we are able to create a thread on here that’ll be both funnier and gayer.

You will find singular thing i’m asking of you: upload a gif regarding your basic lady-sex knowledge.

Here is how you do that. Simply utilize some HTML right into the review package: <=”paste-your-URL-here”>.

Make certain that your own URL is finished and includes the http:// component, and that the prices tend to be straight-up-and-down estimates versus curly prices.

If the image failed to post, its ‘cause you did the HTML completely wrong. We’re going to remedy it individually as soon as we can, thus don’t post it again!

We’ll go first.

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